4 Main Elements To Include In A Personal Wedding Ceremony Bulletin

A wedding is an occasion that you would want all of your guests to feel special and part of the ceremony. One way of doing this is with the help of a personal wedding ceremony program or bulletin that is handed out to each guest. These usually contain information on the bride and the groom, the wedding ceremony and any other information that you might prefer to help guests participate. Read on for some tips on how to make a personal wedding ceremony bulletin:

Decide on what information to be included

The basic information of the ceremony must be provided; this typically includes the full names of the bride and groom, the date and time and the venue of the wedding. This information is usually placed on the cover of the wedding program. There are various booklet printing services that you can get your booklet printed from.

Other elements that need to be included

Next; you can list down the elements of the wedding ceremony and the order in which the guests can follow and participate in. The various elements included in this section will differ from individual preferences and traditions. Usually it includes the traditional parts of the ceremony such as the procession, invocation, exchange of vows, ring exchange along with the pronouncement and recession. Make sure to print these bulletins in quality paper and to avoid postcard printing formats or any such cheap quality cards. In addition, you can include any names of musical selections, performers and so on. For church itineraries, this may include any hymns and prayers. Writing a brief description of the background of any rituals or traditions that are taking place will help inform those guests who do not share your own culture or religion.

Personal information about the couple

This small wedding program is also a great way of sharing some personal information about the bride and groom with the guests. You can opt to include the story of how the couple met and some special memories of how the relationship has grown to the day of the marriage. Some photos of the couple, poems or quotes can be added for more sentimental value.

Thank you notes

A simple thank you and note of gratitude to the parents of the couple and the guests present will also be a great way of expressing sincere appreciation for being part of the special wedding celebration. Following the ceremony, if there are any specific instructions for the guests to follow for the reception or any directions to the venue of the reception, then these instructions can be included at the end of the program.